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The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect and high moral character. Here at Clemson, we are a committed and diverse fraternity that stays involved with the community, the university, and other organizations. Professional careers of our fraternity’s members are supported by our strong alumni network not only from the Eta Alpha chapter, but nationally as well.

Pi Kappa Alpha nationally was founded on March 1, 1868 and the Eta Alpha chapter was founded at Clemson University in 1970 as the first National Fraternity on campus.


2022 Homecoming Float with Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Nu



The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity has adopted the First Responders Children’s Foundation as its Philanthropy. The Eta Alpha Chapter utilizes the Fireman’s Challenge as a way to help financially support children who have lost a parent in the line of duty or families of first responders enduring financial hardship.



The cost to join Pi Kappa Alpha is roughly $1000 in the new member semester. Every semester, after the new member semester, is roughly $700. A new member can expect a 4 week new member education program to begin immediately after accepting a bid.


A man of Pi Kappa Alpha is a Scholar, Leader, Athlete and Gentlemen. Once initiated into the Brotherhood, a Pike pledges to be his brother’s keeper, positively impact his community, and represent Pi Kappa Alpha with integrity and honesty...  wherever he may be.



Our chapter consistently remains in the top 5 average IFC GPA, and our chapter members are actively involved in organizations on campus. With 128 active members ranging from CU Tour Guides, Clemson Senate, IFC, and more, the members of Pi Kappa Alpha strive to make a positive impact here at Clemson.


Our chapter’s house, also known as “The Shack” is one of two lettered houses in the City of Clemson.  With 37 years of ownership, there are now multiple generations of Clemson Pikes who have called The Shack home. Including current Pike President Max Hunt whose father also lived in The Shack during his time in the Chapter. Located at 317 Old Greenville Highway, The Shack serves as a home for 13 brothers, and a common gathering place for the chapter. We enjoy using the historical property for chapter dinners, brotherhood events, social events, and more.

Our chapter also has housing space on the quad in Wannamaker Hall, which makes Pi Kappa Alpha the only chapter on campus with a lettered house and a spot on the quad.



The Eta Alpha Chapter has earned 14 Smythe Awards from the International Fraternity acknowledging the Chapter as one of the few most outstanding out of 200+ chapters in the world.

Robert L. Orians Excellence Award Received in 2021, Recognizing Eta Alpha as performing in the top 25% of Pike Chapters nationally

Our brothers won the Intramural Volleyball league in the fall of 2022 

Brother Will Marripodi won 2021 IFC Athlete of the year

Won first place in Alpha Sigma Phi’s 2022 Deck the Halls competition

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