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Delta Chi, originally a law fraternity founded at Cornell in 1890, began as a small brotherhood of 11 men who believed that great advantages were to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education. The success of those men and their ideals have built the Delta Chi organization into what it is today, with over a 100 chapters nationwide, and over 100,000 members between those chapters. We cultivate inclusive environments for any young man who reflects and lives our values of promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and assisting in the acquisition of a sound education. It’s through these values that our members become men of action and grow to become the best version of themselves while living, leading, and growing each day with integrity.

The Delta Chi Clemson chapter was founded in 1989. Since then a strong tradition of involvement has ensued, with members of the Founding Fathers class remaining active and performing alumni duties.



Delta Chi partners with the Jimmy V foundation, an organization founded by the legendary coach and commentator Jim Valvano in 1993. The organization is committed to raising money to fund new therapies and solutions to lung, breast, and pediatric cancers. We are proud to continue to work with this organization to help those in need. Different fundraising events, like Deck the Halls, are primarily how we raise money for donations. Across the nation,  Delta Chi chapters have raised over 2 million dollars for the Jimmy V foundation since 2006. 



Delta Chi strictly adheres to the 8 week associate membership period outlined in IFC regulations. Associate member dues are usually around $1000 for newly initiated members, and around $700 for each subsequent semester of membership.


Assisting in the acquisition of sound education, one of our core values, is still important within the chapter today. The Dale Carnegie scholars program is active within the Clemson program. Info on that can be found on the Delta Chi national page. In addition, new associate members are assigned a mentor within the fraternity from the outset of their membership. With over 100 active brothers, a wide range of majors and specializations are covered, and mentors assist with challenging course work, class selection, and other aspects of education that are difficult. There are also rewards for good academic performance, such as reduced dues for those that maintain a certain GPA.


Delta Chi boasts one of the largest fraternity houses at Clemson. The house is around 8 minutes from campus with the capacity to house 32 brothers. The house has multiple large communal brotherhood rooms, along with a full sized basketball court and bonfire area in the backyard for fraternity cookouts and basketball tournaments.






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