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Alpha Tau Omega’s Eta Pi chapter here at Clemson is one of the top chapters in the country and at Clemson University. We pride ourselves on our involvement in and around campus, commitment to service, and balance between social life and academics.


The past two spring seasons, we’ve raised over $100k for Upstate Warrior solution, a local nonprofit that aids veterans in need in upstate SC. We continue to be their single largest donor and look to continue our partnership with them. We also conduct community service projects year-round and have multiple unique opportunities with the University and other organizations to serve the community and Clemson.


We have brothers involved in all kinds of organizations across campus including Student Government, Blue Key, IPTAY Student Advisory Board, Student Alumni Council, Clemson Tour Guide Association, Club/Intramural Sports, Phi Delta Epsilon, Order of Omega, and much more; being leaders on campus is highly ingrained into our chapter culture and are brothers continue to add to the list of achievements on campus. Our chapter also hosts a weekly bible study where both pledges and brothers are welcome, regardless of faith.

Alpha Tau Omega nationally was founded on September 11, 1865 and the chapter was founded at Clemson University on May 7, 1971.



Alpha Tau Omega raises money for Upstate Warrior Solution through their philanthropy event called Viking Week, however we have year-round opportunities to serve the community. Recently, we partnered with another organization to help clean the property of a historic church and restore the cemetery of formerly enslaved African Americans in South Carolina. Through this, we’ve developed a relationship with church owner Mabel Clarke, and continue to volunteer for the church. To find out more, please read this story: 


Brothers volunteering for Mission 34 walk for men’s mental health.

The values of Alpha Tau Omega are: To bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together and contend for supremacy of good over evil; to teach, not politics, but morals; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world: these were the thoughts and hopes uppermost in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. - Oits Allan Glazebrook, 1880



The cost to join Alpha Tau Omega is roughly $850 in the new member semester. Every semester, after the new member semester, is roughly $950.

The new member period length is 8 weeks. This means that members who receive a bid will be initiated about 8 weeks after they receive and accept their bid.



Alpha Tau Omega was established in 1865 with the objective of unifying men after the Civil War to build a brighter future for all Americans. Our creed emphasizes the importance of working together to enhance ourselves and the world around us. At the core of our brotherhood lies a commitment to aiding those in need, reflecting our values of service and compassion. As a fraternity, we recognize the sacrifices made by our veterans, and we are devoted to providing resources and support to them and their families.

This year, ATO has a goal to raise $80,000 for warriors and their families in the Upstate of South Carolina and will donate all profits to Upstate Warrior Solution who is best equipped to provide holistic support for local veterans.

Will you join us in our mission to give back to those who have served us?



Alpha Tau Omega won the Clemson IFC chapter of the year in 2020, and in 2021 won FSL awards in Alumni Development, Campus Involvement and Leadership, Chapter Development, Fraternity and Sorority Life Involvement, Philanthropic service, Scholastic Achievement, and best housing experience. Alpha Tau Omega continues to place high in IFC GPA rankings, as well as new member GPA rankings.

Alpha Tau Omega won several national awards as well, including back-to-back True Merit Awards (Highest Award), and excellence in several areas: Communication, Alumni development, Recruitment, Scholarship and Upper Alpha.

George DeCarvalho, Former President

"My experience with ATO has been the highlight of my college career. The balance between social life, community service, and academics has helped make my time at Clemson the best it could be, and I am thankful for the lifelong Brothers I have gained."





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