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Phi Delta Theta, commonly known as Phi Delt, is an international social fraternity which was founded in 1848.

The South Carolina Gamma chapter was founded at Clemson University on March 17, 1970, and we recently celebrated 50 years as an organization.

As one of the first active fraternities founded on Clemson’s campus, we are a chapter built on rich tradition, and grounded in our values.

Our motto is “One Man Is No Man”

Phi Delta Theta recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary at Clemson University this year.



Phi Delta Theta’s values, or 3 cardinal principles, include friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. These values challenge us daily to be better friends, students, and community members. In Phi Delt, friendship means becoming a part of a tradition much bigger than yourself. You are accepted into an active brotherhood of 120 individuals, and an alumni network totalling well over 1,000 brothers. Our motto, “One Man Is No Man”, embodies this idea. Sound Learning means that we are challenged to excel in the classroom. Academic excellence is a crucial aspect of the college experience, and our brothers place a strong emphasis on performing in the classroom. As members of Phi Delta Theta, we are also challenged to uphold a high moral standard. This means we are active in our community, act with integrity, and lead by example. 

Phi Delt’s philanthropic efforts are in benefit of Live Like Lou, a charity supporting ALS research. ALS is often referred to as “Lou Gehrig's Disease”, after the storied Yankees’ star, Lou Gherig, who tragically passed from the disease. Lou was a Phi Delt, and our organization honors his legacy through our philanthropy. Last year, Phi Delta Theta raised close to $700,000 towards ALS research, while raising awareness to the severity of the disease.



The cost to join Phi Delta Theta is roughly $1,000 in the new member semester. Every semester, after the new member semester, is roughly $800.

The new member period length is 8 weeks. This means that members who receive a bid will be initiated 8 weeks after they receive and accept their bid.



Phi Delt offers various housing options for our brothers. Located in the heart of campus, 18 brothers get the opportunity to live in the greek quad. Additionally, our upperclassmen get their choice from numerous housing opportunities near campus. One of these opportunities is our chapter house, “The Lodge”. This is home to many of our brotherhood and philanthropy events. Brothers can be found playing on the full basketball court, shooting skeet, or relaxing on our 15 acres of property. 



Phi Delt offers a variety of leadership, academic, and professional development opportunities. Phi Delta Theta places a high emphasis on developing our brothers into the highest version of themselves. We have a well established mentoring program, where brothers are paired with recent alumni to nurture their professional ambitions. Mentors are always available to answer questions, craft resumes, assist in networking, and prepare for interviews. Brothers greatly benefit from our mentors, and are likely to find internships or full time placement as a result. Our mentor program is a unique opportunity to expand our brothers’ professional horizon, and develop members into successful post-graduates. 



We praise our extensive, active, and generous alumni network. We have recently strengthened our Alumni Association to ensure that our members are brothers for life. For this development, Phi Delta Theta was recognized for the 2021 Alumni Development award. In addition, we make it a priority to host multiple annual philanthropic events to not only continue tradition but to also fight ALS and support mental health awareness.

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